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About AOR Web Solutions

Maybe it is the adventurous and determined sailors in us (yes, we have a sailboat named My Obsession) or maybe it is our can-do, small village community spirit; but either way, we think anything is possible. We are used to helping our neighbours, being resourceful and always aiming higher. And we bring that commitment to working with our clients to help them realize their goals.

Working with you to create a web presence designed for results

We begin with getting to know your business. Your web presence needs to be as unique as you are. And we take the security of your information very seriously.

We bring together multi-perspective teams with varied skills to develop the best site. The client is a key participant in this team.

We empower our clients, giving them the information, tools and creative solutions needed for success.

Our commitment to our clients does not end with the end of a project. We take responsibility for our work, and our commitment to quality (in functionality, performance and looks) shines through in our work.

Our ideal clients

  • See their website as a key business tool
  • Are interested in making decisions on evidence not just gut feel.
  • Are committed to growing their business or organization through constant improvement.
  • Are ok with hearing what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear (nicely of course).
  • If you can relate to the above, we can help!

So how did a Mathematician and a strategist become web developers?

Once upon a time, before our web development days began, we were management and communications consultants with an adventurous spirit. In 2007 we opened a small seasonal retail business that needed a website. We did our homework and thought we asked all the right questions of our web developer. Six months later we had spent a lot of money for a beautiful site that didn't generate sales.

So, we spent the next two months applying our business strategy and analytics experience to completely reprogram the site, redevelop content, add analytics and optimize the site for search.

A few months later we started offering web optimization and analytics to our clients. Fast forward to today where we continue to apply strategic business analysis skills to websites from development to optimization. We continue to expand our services and our team to meet the needs of our clients – but we always start with strategy.

Analysis + Optimization = Results

Meet The Team

Dr. Jay Adamsson headshot

Dr. Jay Adamsson

How many web companies have a PHD in Mathematics as a co-founder? And one who was a spy to boot?

Co-owner Dr. Jay Adamsson, has been studying the Google search algorithm since 2000. He has put his PhD to use as a specialist in analytics, data analysis and optimization for 20 years.

Jay has been a Defence Scientist with the Department of National Defence, an Assistant Professor at the University of Prince Edward Island, and a Cryptomathematician with the Government of Canada.

Jay’s expertise is in the understanding of business requirements and developing data and analysis to support business goals.

He has been in business since 2003, and is both Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified.

Jay loves to sail, travel, sing off key and play guitar until his fingers ache.

Michelle MacDonald headshot

Michelle MacDonald

A former Chief of Staff to a federal Cabinet Minister, a former Executive Director of a national not-for-profit and a self-described serial entrepreneur – Michelle is not your usual web company co-founder. But make no mistake – this woman knows her stuff.

Co-owner Michelle MacDonald has a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Political Science), but it is her past work experience which has honed her skills in managing critical projects, setting and meeting strategic goals, strategic planning and management.

Michelle understands government, as well as the private and not-for-profit sectors. In all her roles she has built brands, developed and implemented communications and marketing strategies and gotten results! For the past several years she has brought these skills to developing web strategies.

Michelle is an avid sailor whose favourite spot to be is in the cockpit of her sailboat. She is also a voracious reader who would someday like to write a novel of her own – the PEI colouring book she co-created doesn’t count.

Iain MacInnes headshot

Iain MacInnes

Iain is an application developer with over 15 years experience in both the private and public sector. Projects Iain has been involved in have included data integrations for reporting applications and administrative systems for content delivery for targeted audiences or audience development. In application development he prioritizes usability and functionality. His applications are well thought-out both for how the intended operation will work and the potential of the application to go beyond the intent to support business goals. Iain is creative in his solutions and has dependable results. When not programming, Iain's interests are his children and playing traditional music.

Laura Cairns headshot

Laura Cairns

Laura is the in-house Graphic Designer with a knack for communicating ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. Laura has successfully served multiple clients both as a freelancer and through AOR Web. She is a graduate of George Brown College in Toronto in Graphic Design. Laura recently developed the new branding for Lobster PEI on behalf of the Lobster Fishers of PEI Marketing Board. She is an avid visual artist and loves sports and her cat.

Amanda Benedict headshot

Amanda Benedict

Amanda is our Digital Marketer with a keen eye for making the most our of digital advertising. Amanda loves researching digital marketing strategies, and using analytics to ensure clients are getting the most from their ad spends. She is Google AdWords certified. Amanda is also skilled at creating social media strategies and optimizing sites. She is a Holland College graduate of the Business Administration program with a Web Analytics certificate from MacMaster’s University Centre for Continuing Education. Amanda also was a Business Administration Advisory Committee member for Holland College from 2015-2017.

Dylan Gallant headshot

Dylan Gallant

Dylan is a computer programmer with a flair for coding sites that work as intended. He is a graduate of the Computer Information Services program at Holland College. He enjoys bending the WordPress framework to his will to create custom sites for clients. When not programming, Dylan is an devoted gamer.

Carol Horne headshot

Carol Horne

Although not a full-time team member, Carol is a key member of AOR team. A consummate communicator, Carol thrives on copywriting challenges. Her long-time experience supplying, assigning and editing copy for the majority of Tourism PEI’s consumer content means she has developed an excellent ear for brand tone, as well as a strong aversion to cliché and hackneyed phrasing. Carol is a stickler for accuracy of content and is a bit of a grammar and spelling fanatic. She is also a firm believer in plain language.

Most recently, Carol led the marketing team at Confederation Centre of the Arts for six years, where she developed marketing and communications strategies to enhance awareness and generate revenue for The Charlottetown Festival, Art Gallery, Mavor’s restaurant and The Showcase gift shop. As the manager of the Canadian Tourism Commission’s online media centre and Canada’s US consumer E-Newsletter (2008-2012), she became a master editor of the short-form writing required for blog posts and articles of 200-400 words. Carol is a life-long resident of Prince Edward Island, and she knows how to express the subtleties of the province. She is well-connected and can easily provide the “insider voice” that adds so much value to communications in today’s world.

Debbie Brady headshot

Debbie Brady

Although Debbie works on contract rather than as a full-time staff member, she is a critical part of the AOR team.

Debbie is an experienced graphic designer who has successfully served both not for profit and business clients. She specializes in the graphic representation of a brand to visually differentiate an organization, communicate its personality and build credibility. Whether developing an organization’s visuals from scratch, or working with its existing branding, Debbie’s unique creatives provide outside-the-box design solutions that represent clients clearly, accurately and add market impact. As an experienced web designer, Debbie approaches each site’s design and development with an eye for engaging layouts and features combined with user friendly navigation based on the organization’s strategic objectives. Before becoming a designer Debbie earned a Bachelor of Nursing Degree and Teaching Certification.

She is an avid amateur macro photographer, recently taking home the top three prizes at the PEI Photo Club annual show.

Sarah MacIsaac headshot

Sarah MacIsaac

A recent graduate from the Business Administration program at Holland College, Sarah has recently joined the AOR Web Solutions team. Whether testing sites, uploading content or greeting clients, Sarah pitches in where needed to get the job done. Sarah keeps the office humming with her ever present smile and can do attitude.

Nanci Corrigan headshot

Nanci Corrigan

Nanci is a seasoned communications strategist with over 25 years of expertise in the development and execution of knowledge transformation plans for a wide spectrum of clients. Working collaboratively, she specializes in providing strategic communications planning, knowledge translation services and process optimization solutions that align with organizational goals and transform vision into reality. After beginning her career in advertising and corporate communications, Nanci founded Channel 3 Communications in 1997, collaborating with clients in both the private and public sectors and fine-tuning her services and expertise to meet the needs of clients in the research, health care and education sectors. Nanci has also hosted webinars and led workshops and presentations on social networking and knowledge translation at a number of national and international conferences, including the International Congress on Palliative Care, the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Annual Conference, the Nova Scotia Hospice Palliative Care Annual Conference, the Canadian College and University Food Services Association (CCUFSA) Annual Meeting and the Quality End of Life Care Coalition of Canada Annual Meeting. A graduate of Carleton University, she has also earned a Knowledge Translation Professional Certificate from the University of Toronto / Sick Kids Learning Institute, and is engaged in Strategic Coach, an organization designed to nurture entrepreneurial ventures.