Protecting Your Website Ownership (Video)

By Jay Adamsson

If you’re not careful, you could lose control of your website and your domain name – which is your address on the internet.  And if you lose it, there’s usually nothing you or anyone else can do about it.

Make sure you keep control.  Don’t trust anyone else, including your web developer, with your domain name.  It’s just too important.


Hi, this is Jay from AOR Web Solutions, and we’re going to talk to you today about domain name registry.

When you want to register your website, such as “”, you want to be the registrant. That is the person registering the name.

The registrant deals with a company called the registrar, which is the company that you actually buy your name from.  Now, when you deal with your web development company, chances are they are not the registrar.  They are dealing with another registrar, just doing it on your behalf. Make sure that you are the registrant.

The registrar then deals with something called the registry, which is where a lot of the technical stuff happens.  You don’t normally have to deal with the registry.

But when your web company registers your name, you need to be the registrant. They will provide four pieces of information: the Owner, the Administrative Contact, the Technical Contact, and the Billing Contact.

Make sure you are the owner. Don’t let anyone else put themselves as the owner for your website.

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