What’s a good bounce rate? (Video)

By Jay Adamsson

The bounce rate for a website is one of the most used but least understood measures. What is a good bounce rate? That’s not an easy question to answer, because a bounce can mean many things.  Watch our video to hear more.

Video Text:

Hi, this is Jay from AOR Web Solutions, and today we’re going to talk about bounce rates.

When you log into your Google Analytics, one of the first numbers you see is your site bounce rate. So, we often get asked “What is a good bounce rate?” In other words, is the number I’m looking at good or is it bad?

Well, here’s the problem. The bounce rate by itself doesn’t really mean anything. It needs more context around it.

First off, what is a bounce? A bounce is when somebody visits your website, visits a single page, and then leaves. Now, you would think that’s not a very good thing because you want people to stay engaged and visit more of your website. But that’s not always the case.

What if somebody comes to your website, finds the information they’re looking for, and then leaves? That’s a good visit – you’ve given them what they need. What if somebody comes to your website, finds your phone number, calls you, and you have a new customer? That’s a great visit – but it’s also a bounce.

So a bounce can be good or it can be bad. But that means you need more context around the number before it really means anything. So unfortunately there is no good, straight-forward answer to “What is a good bounce rate?”

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