Why Use Google Analytics? (Video)

By Jay Adamsson

Why should you use Google Analytics on your web site? The reality is that it has become extremely popular these days, but the majority of website owners simply put the code on their site and forget about it. It’s fun to look at the numbers for a little while, but then they get bored with it, and forget about it. So why even bother? The answer is that you have to ask the right questions – then your Analytics can become a key component in helping your website grow.


Hi, this is Jay from AOR Web Solutions, and we’re going to talk today about why you should use Google Analytics.

First off, what is it? Google Analytics is a service provided by Google that collects and displays detailed information about your website.

Buy, why should you care? Well, chances are your website is an important component of your marketing and customer relations. Google Analytics, when used properly – and not straight out of the box, but with a little bit of customization – gives you a lot of information about the impact your website is having. And, more importantly, how you can improve it. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of your website.

So, what can it tell you?

Well, it can give you a lot of information about, for instance, your customers – which ones are profitable and which ones aren’t. What advertising is working, and which advertising isn’t working. What about actions that people are taking on your website? It can give you information about the content on your website – what people are interested in, and what they aren’t interested in. And more importantly, it can tell you about conversions – what it takes to convert a visitor to a paying customer.

Google Analytics is a pretty important component of modern websites.

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