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Your online presence tells potential clients a lot about you, before they even meet you.

In some cases, your website may be the only chance you have to convince a potential client to contact you, buy your product, use your service or learn about the issues. So you know you need to put your best face forward online as well as in person.

How do you ensure that your online presence is working as hard as you are to attract visitors and clients? Just having a website isn’t going to get you any closer to your business goals than having a boat will help you sail the world. It’s not quite that simple.

A digital strategy recognizes your website is a single element in your overall business and marketing plan.


If no one can find you, they can’t use your services.

Your business relies on more than drop-in foot traffic, and so you need help attracting customers #accidentallyonpurpose. If only you knew the right bait to use online to attract the types of customers you need. Search engine optimization to the rescue.

But SEO is a buyer-beware field which constantly changes. (Google makes daily changes to their search algorithm.) Optimizing a website for results is more than simply including a WordPress plug-in.

Content is still king.


Imagine you own a restaurant…

You want to increase your overall sales. So, you decide to count your customers. That number will tell you everything you need to know about customer behaviour, right? Um, wrong. You would never do that because that number is totally meaningless.

Instead you would be more interested in questions like: What did the people order? How long did they stay? What time of day were they in? How much money did they spend? Did they refer their friends? Did they come back?

Asking the right questions is the key to meaningful Analytics.


Digital marketing is like talking to a crowded room, where you are not sure if the right people are listening.

Google Ads. Facebook. Newsletters. Twitter. Pinterest. Blogging. Snapchat, Periscope. Banner ads. Remarketing. Direct Emails. Sponsored tweets. Boosted posts. You get the idea. The opportunities to share your information online are endless. But your audience has a LOT of choice on where to spend their time, and have very little patience for advertising. Are you getting their attention, or are you throwing away your marketing dollars?

Keeping on top of ever-changing digital marketing trends and opportunities can be exhausting. It can leave you feeling like you are floating around aimlessly, randomly trying different things and hoping for results. To get the biggest return, you need to know where to direct your focus.

That’s why effective digital marketing includes meaningful metrics.


You want a website that works hard to bring you leads and advance your goals.

Sure, you want it to look nice, but you’re well aware that your website is a key tool in the success of your business. You’re looking for the “total package” of websites – one of substance and beauty. You want your site to be as unique as you are.

You also want to ensure you own your site and your data. You wouldn’t hand the master key to your office to just anyone. Nor should you hand over total control of your online presence to someone else.

A results-oriented site is built on your business goals, is user friendly, and works well for both search engines and users.


It can be challenging to stand out in a crowded and competitive marketing environment. Strong and clear visuals and graphics can help convey your message.

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