Imagine you own a restaurant…

You want to increase your overall sales. So, you decide to count the people that walk by your front door and glance in your window. That number will tell you everything you need to know about customer behaviour, right? Um, wrong. You would never do that because that number is totally meaningless.

Instead you would be more interested in questions like: What did the people order? How long did they stay? What time of day were they in? How much money did they spend? Did they refer their friends? Did they come back?

Asking the right questions is the key to meaningful Analytics.

Don’t obsess over page views, location and sessions. Instead, gather the important web analytics data to better understand your visitors to help you make better business decisions and increase returns.

Is your social media driving traffic that is buying? Is the email newsletter worth the time to create it? Did you waste your money on that banner ad? Should you buy AdWords or create more blogs?

Web analytics can answer these questions and more.

What you need to know

Have Google Analytics on the site already? Great. We will customize the code and Dashboard for metrics relevant to your business.

No time for analysis? No problem. (We will put Jay’s PhD and years of data analysis to work!) We can extract meaningful metrics and provide regular reports and actionable, practical recommendations.

Our Google Analytics certified team all sign non-disclosure agreements and take the security of your information seriously.

Whether your site is less than 50 pages or numbers in the thousands, we can help.

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