You want a website that works hard to bring you leads and advance your goals.

Sure, you want it to look nice, but you’re well aware that your website is a key tool in the success of your business. You’re looking for the “total package” of websites – one of substance and beauty. You want your site to be as unique as you are.

You also want to ensure you own your site and your data. You wouldn’t hand the master key to your office to just anyone. Nor should you hand over total control of your online presence to someone else.

A results-oriented site is built on your business goals, is user friendly, and works well for both search engines and users.

And hey! We don’t just build websites. We know a thing or two about developing web-apps too. Do you have a great idea for an app but the thought making it come to life feels like an impossible task? Well, forgive us for sounding cliché – but we have the experience and skills to make your dream become a reality. (Cue empowering music as you sail off into the sunset of success.)

Web Maintenance Packages

A stale website is like an unkempt store. There may be treasures inside, but will the customers stick around to find them. We offer web maintenance and web refresh retainer packages for services such as programming, optimization, analytics, social media management, digital marketing management and content creation.

We never leave you adrift. Although we pride ourselves on giving our clients the tools they need to succeed, we know not everyone has the time or in-house resources to maintain their web presence and update their website. Sometimes you need someone to do the heavy lifting for you. We can create a custom web maintenance plan just for you.

Ask us about how we can keep your web presence current.

What you need to know

Each of our websites start with the plan and end with the pretty. After we sign a confidentiality agreement, you’ll tell us all of your deepest darkest business secrets, as well as your dreams for the future of your company. We’ll go off, find the data, make a plan, and put our crew on the job. Every new build starts with our Strategic Web Plan.

We will then create a design and build a site that is optimized for search, reflects your brand, has the functionality your site needs to serve your audience, and is measurable so you can always know how well it is performing. And how to improve it.

All sites we develop are built with your audience in mind, are responsive for all screen sizes, work on all major web browsers and are WC3 compliant (built with code that meets the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium). Simply put – our sites work well, are accessible and are user friendly.

Before your site is launched, we’ll put it through rigorous quality assurance testing (and we don’t call the site complete until it passes every item on our QA Checklist.)

When all is said and done, we’ll hand over the keys to your website. We usually build our custom sites in WordPress, but we give you all the web files, analytics data, and make sure all the URLs and site hosting are in your name – not ours. Your information is and always will be just that: yours. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. (Unfortunately, we spend too much of our time helping new clients get back ownership of their online presence.)

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