Digital marketing is like talking to a crowded room, where you are not sure if the right people are listening.

Google Ads. Facebook. Newsletters. Twitter. Pinterest. Blogging. Snapchat. Periscope. Banner ads. Remarketing. Direct Emails. Sponsored tweets. Boosted posts. You get the idea. The opportunities to share your information online are endless. But your audience has a LOT of choice on where to spend their time, and has very little patience for advertising. Are you getting their attention, or are you throwing away your marketing dollars?

Keeping on top of ever-changing digital marketing trends and opportunities can be exhausting. It can leave you feeling like you are floating around aimlessly, randomly trying different things and hoping for results. To get the biggest return, you need to know where to direct your focus.

That’s why effective digital marketing includes meaningful metrics.

If it takes 4 hours to create and send out an e-newsletter, how many sales does it generate? If you spend 2 hours a day on social media, how is it contributing to your organization’s goals? How engaged is your online community? If you only have a limited budget to spend on digital marketing, which outlet will give you bigger bang for your buck – AdWords? Sponsored tweets? E-news?

Set up your analytics so you can determine your return on investment for your digital advertising dollars. 

What you need to know

No need to fret, we turn the murky waters of social media and digital marketing into a sea of opportunity to connect with target markets.

We’ll work with you to create an integrated digital marketing and social media strategy.

Our Google AdWords certified team members will help you navigate Google AdWords by providing you an in-depth list of keywords, best-practice based solutions, and a PhD level analysis of your data. (If you haven’t heard, we have a Doctor in Mathematics on our team. #proud)

We make Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising a breeze too. Together we’ll identify the social channels needed to reach your business goals, develop engaging content, and create targeted ad buys. 

Our graphic designer is also very experienced in developing collateral print materials such as business cards, rack cards, print ads, and much more. So we can help with your off line marketing needs too.

Did we mention that we love a good bargain to boot? We work hard to optimize our digital marketing bids to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

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