If no one can find you, they can’t use your services.

Your business relies on more than drop-in foot traffic, and so you need help attracting customers #accidentallyonpurpose. If only you knew the right bait to use online to attract the types of customers you need. Search engine optimization to the rescue.

But SEO is a buyer-beware field which constantly changes. (Google makes daily changes to their search algorithm.) Optimizing a website for results is more than simply including a WordPress plug-in.

Content is still king.

But content must be relevant and understandable. Optimization involves both technical and content-based attributes of the website. It is not a switch that can be turned on or off.  While there are plug-ins that do assist, their use does not guarantee good SEO, any more than owning a word processor makes a good writer.

Relevant content and a smooth user experience drive results.

Is your site mobile-friendly? (If not, Google will penalize it in search results.) Do you have well-written content? Is the site easy to navigate? Are titles, descriptions and ALT text included to make it easy for search engines to understand your site? Is your site blocking the search engines? (Seriously, we have seen large sites that accidentally blocked Google!)

Optimization is about building a relationship with your site visitor and making sure they can find you.

What you need to know

We can help you optimize your website. We’ll study your entire operation, your target audience, and your competition. Then, we’ll do the heavy lifting and dazzle you with as much SEO data as you want (or don’t want), and we’ll tell you which key phrases are needed to attract which customers. We’ll even tell you exactly where to stick those key phrases (in a polite and informative way). We will also make sure there are no technical barriers keeping search engines from finding your site.

Optimization is also about good, relevant content. We also can create content for your site to keep it fresh, relevant and engaging.

Remember Optimization is our middle name. (What did you think the “O” stood for?)  We have been studying the Google search algorithm since 2000. We take the search in SEO seriously.

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