Your online presence tells potential clients a lot about you, before they even meet you.

In some cases, your website may be the only chance you have to convince a potential client to contact you, buy your product, use your service or learn about the issues. So you know you need to put your best face forward online as well as in person.

How do you ensure that your online presence is working as hard as you are to attract visitors and clients? Just having a website isn’t going to get you any closer to your business goals than having a boat will help you sail the world. It’s not quite that simple.

A digital strategy recognizes your website is a single element in your overall business and marketing plan.

Guess what? Our co-founders are not designers. They are business strategists. Our website plans aren’t just built around cutesy graphics and catchy phrases. They’re centred on strategy and results. Sure, we have programmers and artists who make everything look nice. But looks mean nothing without a plan behind it all.

Our digital strategies and strategic web plans are key tools to optimize your web presence and maximize your reach and impact.

We start with where you want your business to go, so we can help draw you a map to guide you there.

What you need to know

First we get to know you. (No kidding!) Your business, your goals, your brand, your challenges, and maybe even your favorite color (if you care to share). Once we understand where you are trying to go, we get to work and lay out the course to get you there.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers. We can help you find them. And we take confidentiality really seriously, so you know you can trust us with your business plan. (After all, we have a former spy on our team.)

Need a website?

We create a strategic web plan taking into account social media integration, other marketing activities and the role the site plays in achieving your business goals.

Once our business strategists are finished, our designers and programmers will build a site according to that plan.

Have a website?

We create a digital strategy, starting with an analysis of your current site and building concrete recommendations (noting which ones will give you the biggest potential return) on how you can improve the site and your overall online presence.

Once the strategy has been created we can give the site the TLC (tender loving care) it needs so you can love it again.

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