Introduction to Google Analytics Workshops In Alberta

Edmonton! Calgary! Red Deer!

Your website is talking to you through your Google Analytics data. You just have to learn how to listen. Google Analytics can tell you about your customers or clients and their behaviour on your website. Ultimately it can tell you about how to improve

Learn all about Google Analytics directly from our Google Analytics expert. Dr Jay Adamsson will be presenting hands-on Google Analytics Level 1 workshops across Alberta in June.

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Sign up by June 3 for only $295. After that, your full day of hands-on instruction will be $395.

  • Edmonton – June 15
  • Calgary – June 19
  • Red Deer – June 20

Spaces are limited. Sign up now!

Use Your Own Data

If you already have Google Analytics set up on your website, you can use your own data. Not only will you learn Google Analytics, but you’ll find insights about your business or organization at the same time.

Don’t have Google Analytics Set Up?

No worries. We’ll set you up with a sample data set so you won’t be left out.  We’ll use a data set using from a real live website.

What Do I Get From This Session?

You will come from this session with a much better understanding of your Google Analytics data, and what it is telling you about your website. We’ll also send you a certificate of completion from AOR Web Solutions certifying that you completed our Google Analytics course.

What Comes Next?

Want to continue your Google Analytics training? Keep an eye out for our Level 2 and Level 3 Google Analytic training.

About The Course

These courses are an introduction to Google Analytics, where you will learn about the fundamentals of Google Analytics. More importantly, you will also learn about how all this data can help you!

In particular, three key areas will be covered:

  • How does Google Analytics work?
  • What do all these numbers mean?
  • How can all this help me?

About Your Instructor

Dr. Jay AdamssonHow many web companies have a PhD in Mathematics as a co-founder? And one who was a spy to boot?

Co-owner Dr. Jay Adamsson is our resident Google Analytics expert, has been studying the Google search algorithm since 2000. He has put his PhD to use as a specialist in analytics, data analysis and optimization for 20 years.

Jay has been a Defence Scientist with the Department of National Defence, an Assistant Professor at the University of Prince Edward Island, and a Cryptomathematician with the Government of Canada.

Jay’s expertise is in the understanding of business requirements and developing data and analysis to support business goals.

He has been in business since 2003, and is both Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified.

Jay loves to sail, travel, sing off key and play guitar until his fingers ache.

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