Google Analytics Level 2

Google Analytics Level 2

The Next Step with Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics Level 2 workshop is for users that are are familiar with how to navigate through the Google Analytics interface, but do not feel they are getting much benefit from their data.

Google Analytics is not a technology tool – it is a business tool. If you want to really harness the power of Google Analytics, you need to ask the right questions, and know how to customize the tool to give you the answers. If you have lots of data, but don’t feel you are getting much benefit from it, this is the workshop for you.

Workshop Agenda

  • Looking beyond the technology
    • Website objectives and targets
    • Asking the right business questions
  • Filters
  • Referral Spam
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Google Analytics Events
  • Advanced Segments
  • Custom Reports
  • Pivot Views
  • Custom Dimensions and Metrics
  • Conversion Attribution

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